Sunday, October 24, 2010

God's Love

I thank God every day that He gives me. For all the happiness He shared with me. For the strength that He gave me to surpass all the challenges and tests of life. For the graces He provides us, food to energize us,good health to finish all day task. For the Holy Spirit that guides me and enlightening my understanding towards different situations of life.For keeping me standing still against the storm and calamities of the world. And for listening to my cries when no one hears me..For the Hope and Faith that everyday of my life will be ok.. No worries..

Knowing Me

I will start from the day that i was born and that was September 12 1985 when my journey begins the first time I inhale the oxygen of the earth. Born by mom Monina and with the cooperation and contribution of my father Romeo, a good and beautiful girl was produced and created through the image and likeness of God.The youngest child in the family, i have 1 sister and 2 brothers who were also the product of love by my mother and father. We are very lucky because we grown so well that our parents were proud of us and we are there treasures till they continue their lives here on earth. I was molded to become a good christian who Love God above all things and striving to be good at all time. That the purpose of my existence in the planet is to serve God make Him happy to follow his will and to live happily with Him eternally. Before anything else, I forgot to mention my name I'm Julie Ann EdaƱo, 25 years old and now a professional Nurse.........